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Omniply is going to Taiwan!

Omniply has been selected to be a part of the December 2019 cohort of the Startup Global Program held by Garage+, a zero-equity incubator in Asia.

This program encompasses a 10-day business trip, where selected start-ups from all over the world get a chance to experience the Asian market, have 1-on-1 meetings with executives of Taiwanese companies, and present their value proposition. Overall, this is an excellent opportunity to connect with potential manufacturing partners, collaborators, customers, and investors.

The hard-working team behind Garage+ ensures that all logistics are taken are of - which includes setting up meetings for each start-up with carefully selected relevant companies in Taiwan. They make sure that participants can capitalize not only on business traction, but also on the diverse culture in Taiwan.

And the best part - flight and accommodation for the entire trip is paid for by Garage+!

We are excited to be there from Dec 4-13, and demonstrate our most recent prototypes of flexible electronics made using our unique delamination technology. Our technology is 100x cheaper and provides 30% higher yield than existing delamination methods, allowing any display or non-display manufacturers to transfer their high-performance, high resolution electronics onto flexible platforms. Our process enables the realization of flexible displays, sensors, and even ICs by adapting to traditional micro/nanofabrication protocols.

If you are a start-up who could benefit from the Taiwanese and/or Asian market, make sure to send in your applications for their next cohort. Applications open February 2020, don't miss out!

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